Improve employee personal productivity

Improve employee personal productivity

Drive personal productivity

Flexy delivers employee workplace awareness that allows the employee to make great decisions on when and where to work to get work done.

  • Ability to make great decisions on when and where to work to get your work done
  • Always know your coworkers location and availability
  • Always know the best way to connect with your coworker
  • Never miss an important business or social event
  • Know more about your coworkers expertise, personal achievements and personal interests
  • Promote your skills, credentials, interests and expertise
  • Join affinity groups to build stronger social connections
  • Operate Flexy within Slack, Teams or Chat and get notifications, reminders or ask the Flexybot for assistance
Drive team collaboration

Drive team collaboration

Drive positive team outcomes

Flexy helps managers rollout workplace objectives and events drive team collaboration and performance.

  • Ability to create, rollout and manage workplace flexibility objectives to your team
  • Drive team collaboration and improve team productivity with Smart Workplace Awareness features
  • Automate your process for creating, scheduling, and posting a team meeting, event or announcement
  • Improve the process for onboarding a new employee and assigning team mentors
  • Promote your teams achievements, skills, interests and expertise across your team, functional groups or the entire company
  • Automated Nudge (notifications) in Slack, Teams or Chat to drive intentional collaboration and team communications
Deliver workplace objectives that fits your business

Deliver workplace objectives that fit your business

Drive Operational Performance

Flexy helps companies plan, roll out and manage their remote-first or hybrid workplace strategy that delivers healthy workplace engagement.

  • Consolidate your workplace and engagement tools under one platform and deliver your user experience in Slack, Teams or Chat
  • Automate the process of documenting, communicating and measuring your unique workplace objectives
  • Understand how your company's objectives and team performance align with your workplace strategy
  • Understand what drives employee engagement and a positive work experience
  • Understand how your workplace strategy affects employee performance, retention and recruitment