Smart Workplace Awareness

Flexy's Smart Workplace Awareness AI empowers your employees to optimize their connections between people, locations, spaces, meetings, events and social gatherings for moments that matter.

Seamlessly Connected, Effortlessly Synchronized

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Connection Center

Connection Center™

Make great decisions to get your work done…

  • Share your talents, interests, skills, and contact preferences to easily connect with coworkers and expand relationships
  • Choose and share, when, where, and who to work with, all in one place
  • Never miss an important business or personal meeting, event or announcement
Workplace Happenings

Workplace Happenings™

Never miss important events happening around you, your team, your office, or your company…

  • Create and share a meeting, event or announcement for moments that matter
  • Make your event recurring, set capacity limits, push automated notifications and add reservation capability
  • See who is attending and analyze the effectiveness of all workplace happenings
Talent Directory

Talent Directory

Be seen for who you are and what you have achieved...

  • Share your talents, skills, credentials, clubs, badges and acheivements with your coworkers
  • Find and join co-workers based on their location, availability, skills, projects, team, or personal interests
  • Share your contact preferences so coworkers can find and connect to you with ease
Club Gatherings

Club Gatherings

Create or join a club to expand your social connections with your coworkers…

  • Create, manage and invite coworkers to your affinity group meetings or events
  • Make your event recurring, set capacity limits, push automated notifications and add reservation capability
  • See who is attending and analyze the effectiveness of all club gatherings
Workplace Guardrails

Workplace Guardrails

Create, rollout, and manage workplace objectives for your teams, departments or the entire company…

  • Create objectives that best fit your company, mandates, core values and leadership principles
  • Communicate objectives by team, function group or the entire company
  • Measure the effectiveness of your workplace objectives and discover how they drive improvement
Space Reservations

Space Reservations

Create any type of workspace and let Smart Workplace Awareness do the rest…

  • Create and manage any type of workplace space, add seating capacity, set access rights and reservation capability
  • Let employees select their favorite spaces and let Flexy's AI make sure everyone gets the space they need when they need it
  • Analyze your workspace efficiency to stay ahead of the trends by having data on user patterns, of intent and actual usage
Flexy Chatbot

Personal AI Assistant - Flexy Chatbot

Let the power of AI drive awareness and efficiency for your workforce…

  • Receive Smart workplace notifications to make the most of your workday
  • Ask your Flexybot to deliver important imformation that makes your workforce more productive
  • Integrate our Personal AI Assistant via a Flexybot in your Slack, Teams, Chat tools
Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics

Manage your workplace with actionable data…

  • Understand how employee choice, consumption and patterns help develop the right workplace strategy
  • Understand how intentional collaboration activities impact performance, culture and retention
  • Understand how workplace guardrails affect team performance and employee satisfaction

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